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Please refer to the tables below for our prices.

Ironing Prices
(includes free collection/delivery on orders over £20, under £20 incurs a £1 each way charge)

Adult items: Tops, Trousers, Dresses, Skirts, Shorts
0-11 items @£0.85p each
12 - 34 items @£0.80p each
35 - 49 items @£0.75p each
50 plus items @£0.65p each

Ladies Suits £2.00
Shirts £1.00
Jackets £2.00
Childrens Items  age 0-5 years £0.30p
   age 6-10 years £0.50p
age 11-14 years £0.65p

Complete Double Bed Sets £3.20p
Complete Single Bed Sets £2.70p
Individual Double Sheets/Duvet Covers £1.50p
Individual Single Sheets/Duvet Covers £1.40p
Table Cloths £0.70p - £1.60p
Small Items £0.30p
Cleaning Prices
Home Cleaning @£9.75 per hour
Special One Off Service @£14.50 per hour
All cleaning services are for a minimum 2 hours per visit. This can be weekly/fortnightly or as frequently as you wish.
Tel Lis on 01179 754392 or 07581 141516
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